The Graham Kentsley - "Volgograd in the World"

Award for outstanding International achievement.
(In the field of: Arts-Entertainment - Business and Philanthropy)

Graham Kentsley

The award is to given annually by Graham Kentsley "the Englishman in Volgograd" to the "Volgograd" person or persons who have contributed most to the building of International relations and have also achieved prominent international acclaim in the process.

Note: This is a new annual award to be given by Graham Kentsley for the first time at the "25th anniversary" ceremony in Volgograd on the 13th of January 2017

This year only on the 13th of January 2017 Graham Kentsley will present a special "25th anniversary" award for International potential!

In future years the award will be given for international acclaim and achievement.


In future years the nominees for the award will come from all the nominated laureates from the current year and the previous 4 years (if required)

If there are no suitable candidates in any particular year then the award can be held over to the following year or until there are qualifying candidates who have achieved the requisite International success.

The award is to be given in the form of a grant to travel overseas to help the winners develop international relations and to promote internationally the City of Volgograd!Грэм_Кентслей



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